The rural scenic nature of your township that is attractive to residents is also what attracts bicyclists and pedestrians from across Ingham County to your community for exercise and recreation. Because of this, we wanted to review some safety tips for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

As a reminder for drivers, bicyclists have a legal right to be on the road, so please keep an eye out for them and only pass when it is safe to do so. When passing a cyclist, drivers should leave a safe distance (3 to 5 feet) between the car and the cyclist. Motorists should slow down and wait till it is safe to pass a cyclist.

Bicyclists need to obey traffic signs/signals and lane markings. Cyclists should ride with traffic and always wear a helmet and high visible clothing so drivers can see them better. Riding two abreast is allowed, but it is safer to ride single file when there is heavy traffic. When riding at night, cyclists by law need a front headlight and red rear light or reflector.

Pedestrian should always walk as far to the left or on the shoulder against oncoming traffic if there is no sidewalk available. If you are walking at night, ensure you are visible by wearing lights and light-colored or reflective clothing that highlights body movement.

Please remember, the safety of our roads is everyone’s responsibility. Avoiding distractions and driving the posted speed decreases the likelihood of a crash and ensures everyone will arrive at their destination safely.